MTEK has a specific focus on delivering integrated work scopes including offshore transport & installation activities that require technical and engineering competency combined with offshore project execution experience. Complimentary to our project delivery capabilities we have access to a range of assets including Cable Laying Equipment, Reels, Modular Jack-Up Systems and Decommissioning Equipment. For a full range of asset capability visit the Innovo Team Website

MTEK have a multi-disciplined engineering team based primarily in Padova, Italy with the Head Office in Aberdeen, UK and a regional office in Dubai, UAE. Flexibility as to where MTEK resources are located is one of the company’s core principles ensuring the specific demands of each project and client are prioritised in the best interests of promoting efficient and effective client interface and project execution.

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MTEK Offshore Solutions are, with exception of the Americas, appointed as exclusive worldwide representatives for the Prime Marine Services Inc, suite of powerful, reliable and safe cutting shears.

MTEK and Prime Marine will deliver to clients, an integrated cutting solutions service through the combination of Prime Marine’s range of cutting shears and competent operators, complimented with MTEK’s engineering and project management services, ensuring we add value to every project we deliver to our clients.


Prime Marine Services, Inc. founded in the United States in 2004, manufactures their own patented hydraulic cutting shears to a worldwide market across numerous industries, designed for both surface and subsea operations. With a fleet of six models, 16, 24, 30, 36, 42 and 48” delivering a robust capability of shearing material in the range 6″ to 62” inches.